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Thank you for your interest in our Bear Hunts. We are a family owned and operated business specializing in areas 45, 51.  We are located on the east side of Lake Mille Lacs.  We take hunters Sept. 1st - 5th (our most popular time) and Sept 7th - 12th.

We offer a 5 day bear hunt for $1000. There is a $200 non refundable deposit . Your hunt will include supper after your hunt each night and we offer to remove your bear from the woods, skin, gut, quarter and cool it in a freezer truck.


 Click HERE to access the DNR web site for a lottery application and to purchase a license if necessary.
Application for the lottery starts April 1st. Deadline for the lottery is May 4th.
A license will need to be purchased by Aug. 1st.

A second lottery is held starting Aug. 3rd. for anyone who did not get drawn in the first lottery.
This lottery goes very quickly.

Call Dave Hughley @ 320-532-3261 or 612-390-7739


Josh Hughley @ 320-676-0290 or 320-267-3585

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Everyone is encouraged to attend our meeting the night before the opener (Aug. 31st). Time is 6PM.

 Below are a few things covered, but not limited to, at our meeting
•Game Warden will review current bear hunting laws.
•Opportunity to pay the balance of the hunt.
•Exchange names, phone numbers and other vital information
•Times of pick-up and drop-off at the bait stand.
•Information will be provided on how to register your bear

We provide a Barbeque for all hunters, giving everyone a chance to make new friends, renew old acquaintances, swap lies, and tell stories.


Lodging & Camping Available
East Side of Mille Lacs Lake:
Chapman's - 320-676-8664
Appledorn's - 320-676-8834
Hunter Windfield's - 320-676-9927
Kathio State Park (camping) - 320-532-3523

West side of Mille Lacs Lake:
Little White Fish - 320-692-4531
Budget Host - 320-532-3838
Evergreen Acres - 218-764-2466
Father Hennipin Park (camping) - 320-676-8673


Member of Minnesota Bear Guides Association


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Contact Information:

Dave Hughley - 320-532-3261 or  612-390-7739


Josh Hughley - 320-676-0290 or 320-267-3585

E-mail us @

hughleyguideservice@yahoo.com /  burandt1@yahoo.com /  joshhughley@gmail.com

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